Super Ted’s ESB Freestyle Frames


Super Ted’s ESB Freestyle Frames


Ted James, aka Super Ted, has been busy cranking out his ESB (Extra Strong Bikes) frames for Shop 14. A batch of the ESBs are heading over to Dice & Dice in Japan right now for distribution. With all the freestyle frames on the market, what makes the ESB different you ask? Ted’s frames use Reynolds 631, a cold-drawn steel best described as:

The strength to weight ratio of 631 is equal to that of many aluminium frames, and it has an excellent fatigue life whilst providing a supple ride quality suitable for long distance events.

Seems like an ideal material for a fixed freestyle frame right? Light and durable.

Check out a recent photoset that Mikey at Shop14 posted to the 14 Bike Co Flickr.

Matte-clearcoat over a raw frame with all the brazing smoothed over with Ted’s mustache. So nice! Now, where’s that fork!?

Stoked on these frames. Great job Ted! See ya soon man! Check out more photos here.

Edit: the Shop 14 guys just told me that Lee Cooper also builds some of these frames. Sorry about omitting that in the original entry.

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