Super Stoked 2019: Gideon’s 333 Fab AirLandSea Kyler Martz Cascadian Rambler

I was amazed at the number of 333 Fab bikes rolling at this year’s Super Stoke Weekend. One of which was this limited edition, Kyler Martz-designed, Now You’re Finished-painted, AirLandSea all-road/light tourer, piloted by Gideon Tsang from Austin. Morgan Taylor reviewed one for the site last year. Max from 333 Fab designed these bikes as a “Cascadian Rambler,” meant to take on all day or multi-day dirt road rides throughout the Pacific Northwest and beyond.

These bikes are made in a limited production run, with various sizing to ensure the rider can get their custom fit dialed in. You can choose from one of seven sizes, with the ability to fit riders ranging from 5’ – 6’5”. The sizing doesn’t stop at the geometry alone, Each individual size has its own specific tubeset with engineered tube diameters to ensure a proper ride quality. How they build up the frames is up to them! I particularly took to Gideon’s build spec, as it’d be close to how I’d build one of these up myself.

The paint is so distracting to photograph, with hidden easter eggs abound, of which I feel like I probably only documented 75% of the Kyler Martz designs. All of which are overlaid on top of a beautiful jade green to aqua fade.

Gid’s build is a 1x with SRAM Force, a soon-to-be-released Dark Realm Label bar bag, White Industry cranks, Klamper brakes, a SON hub, Super Nova light, and 27.5 x 47mm wheels, rolling on WTB Venture tires, a beefier version of their popular Byway. Highly recommended! The bike has such a comfortable look and I’m sure rode like a dream through the San Rafael Valley last weekend.

Max is also battling Stage 3 cancer right now and could use your help. Head to his GoFundMe for more information.


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