Speedvagen’s Ready Made Urban Racer


Speedvagen’s Ready Made Urban Racer

The Urban Racer sure did make waves around here when it was launched back in 2015. Like all of Speedvagen’s bikes, it was a bespoke, handmade-in-Portland frame, with all the details we’ve come to expect from the Vanilla Workshop. However, many people didn’t see the value in the Urban Racer. The debate was heated.

Well, now you can get an Urban Racer as part of Speedvagen’s Ready Made program, with a stock build and base pricing down to $3495. You might be inclined to say “that’s still a lot of money for a coaster brake city bike”. And it is. But for some, it might be just what they needed to get in the door on one of these stripped down beauties.

Check out some more photos below, and get the details on the Ready Made Urban Racer at Speedvagen.