Some Old Clips from Philly


Some Old Clips from Philly

I was going through my Flickr just now and came across these two clips from April 2008 in Philly. The first one’s pretty self-explanatory, but the second is a little more confusing to watch. Tom does a hop-wheelie up a loading dock.

If I remember, it was around 36″ or so. I’m going to dig through some photos and see if I can find more from this trip. It was around the time when we were filming for Bootleg Sessions 2. I remember that Luke shot all this footage with the mic turned off and Burd didn’t wanna use it because there was no background noise for the video. heh.

Here’s a shot from the same day with Luke filming and Wilis taking photos.

Talk about trial and error. None of us had figured out what parts held up at that point. We were riding 28c tires. I think Tom was on 32c, which seemed huge to me at the time. Tony and Tom were on Profile cranks and I was still on Sugino 75s with the Milwaukee Crusher. Everyone was getting pinch flats, breaking rims, spokes, bottom brackets, bars and other components every time we rode.

Every time I went to Philly, half the trip was spent fixing broken bike parts. Glad that time is long gone and we all have some durable components to ride now.