Sam’s Sklar 29er is Headed for the Colorado Trail – Morgan Taylor

Adam Sklar has been building bikes for five years now. Among his first customers was Sam, a good friend from high school. Sam had Adam build him a single speed 29er, but Sklar #4 has since been through many iterations over the years. Recently, Sam was feeling like his original Sklar, while abundant with character and nostalgia, was ready to give way to a new Sklar. Adam’s style has certainly developed over his time building bikes, and Sam wanted to honor his friend’s success by commissioning another frame.

Sam's Sklar 29er is Headed for the Colorado Trail – Morgan Taylor

With its swoopy hand-shaped tubes and intricate custom details Sam’s new 29er is unmistakably Sklar. He chose an XT 1x group with a silver build kit that complements the sky blue powdercoat perfectly. While the build is absolutely stunning, Sam intends to ride it hard, and soon. This week, Adam and his tongue-in-cheek #sklarbikesfactoryteam are headed out on a bikepacking trip along the Colorado Trail, ensuring Sam’s bike will be put to good use immediately.


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