Rolling Through Chumba’s Texas Facilities and Their Ursa 29+ MTB

As you can probably tell, I’ve been really stoked on what Chumba is doing here in Austin, Texas. During MTB season earlier this year, I caught up with Vince, who was riding the first prototype Ursa 29+ MTBs. At the time, Chumba’s production was in Oregon, but in recent months, they’ve moved all production in house, using USA-made tubing…

Chumba's Texas Facilities

Out in Spicewood, just a 30 minute drive from the State Capitol in Austin, Chumba is in full-on production of their current line, while working on new models, like a titanium fatbike, dubbed the Ursa Major (shhhhhh!) The frames are fully welded in house, powdercoated in North Austin and then decals are applied before a light clearcoat.

Chumba's Made in Texas Ursa 29+ MTB

I love visiting framebuilders, especially ones that are in Austin. It excites me to see production bikes being made here, at a more than reasonable pricepoint, with modern geometries and specifications. Chumba is working with Shimano, Thomson, Race Face, Whiskey and Maxxis to spec their production model Ursa 29+.

Chumba's Made in Texas Ursa 29+ MTB

These bikes are easily utilized for backcountry touring, bikepacking, racing and just normal trail riding. With a 69.5 head angle, they’ll scream down descents and handle quite well fully loaded down.

Chumba's Made in Texas Ursa 29+ MTB

Their assymetric yoke, assures ideal chainline, even with the chain set up in a less-than-ideal positon (i.e. granny gear). You’ve got loads of clearances…

Chumba's Made in Texas Ursa 29+ MTB

Chumba specs their complete Ursa with Orange Seal 29+ kits for tubeless riding with the Maxxis Chronicle 3″ tire and XT drivetrain for $3,295.

Coming in at under $1,200 for a frame, $1,295 for a frame and Surly steel fork, or $1,750 for a frame + Whiskey carbon fork. You can also add a Thomson dropper post for $450 to any package.

There’s more to come from Chumba in the forthcoming months and I’ll be reviewing a few of their bikes over the winter. For now, if you have any questions, feel free to contact them.