Rivendell’s New Peace Wheel T-Shirts


Rivendell’s New Peace Wheel T-Shirts

When Rivendell posted this graphic the other day on their Instagram, all I could think is how great of a graphic it is and how we can all use a little hope. Today, Rivendell announced these new shirts… and there’s a good cause driving their sales:

“Seven dollars from each shirt go to a local POC who works in a grocery store and whose dream is to get a down payment on a house so he and five family members can live there. I believe in him, I’ve given him a decent amount myself, it’s not a con, but it’s not the kind of thing you can write off on your taxes, and he has no idea anything is coming. We’ll match your $7, so—you get a groovy Peace Wheel Shirt and he gets $14. That will put him over the top two years sooner than he’d be able to working alone. We’ll report if it works. Yes, a crazy idea, but by modern T-shirt standards this is more than a $25 shirt, anyway, so it’s no like you’re paying more for it just because it helps this person.”

A good cause and a great design goes a long way. If you can, show your support and scoop one of these shirts at the Rivendell webshop.