Review: All-City Nature Boy Cross Bike


Review: All-City Nature Boy Cross Bike


When I first saw the All-City Nature Boy last year, I got all kindsa excited. For a while now, I’ve been looking for a good single-speed cross bike. All I want are canti brakes, fender mounts and clearance for big tires. Sure, there are other options out there but small and simple details make the bike.

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Like all of All-City’s bikes, the headbadge is a classy touch.


The seat tube cluster’s one of the nicest details on the bike. With the internal cable routing and the rear brake cable hanger.


If you’re wondering what that bit of stainless steel is, I picked up some Gilles Berthoud stainless fenders from Peter White Cycles for this build. 50mm fenders fit perfectly.


My absolute favorite detail on the Nature Boy and the one that sets this bike apart from the rest in this pricepoint is the fork crown. Double-plated and lugged, this is hands down the sexiest detail on the bike.


The internal cable routing isn’t bad either.


Such a clean detail.


Another nice touch is the fender mounts on the inside of the seat stays.


Just like other All-City frames, the dropouts are machined to match their logo.


The first thing I upgraded from the stock build was the cockpit. I already have drops on my track bike and my road bike. I wanted something a bit more relaxed for commuting and city riding. Nitto Mustache bars were my first choice. And to play a bit on the bike’s classic feel, an old Salsa touring stem. I kept the stock brake levers and installed them accordingly.


They really look great on the build.


Since the bike doesn’t come with pedals, I added some MKS and Toshis. I prefer toeclips, even on a city bike. I also added a bottle cage and swapped the saddle. Everything else on the bike is stock and for the pricepoint, you really can’t beat this bike.


The ride is great. With its cross-geometry, it makes it a blast to tear around on and is still comfy enough to just sorta cruise with a coffee in hand. Sure, it’s a cross bike and maybe one day it’ll get raced but for now, I’m content using it as a city bike. The only other things I’m considering to add is an 8-spd internal hub and maybe a rack on the back. If I do the 8-spd internal hub, I’ll take it to a local builder to braze cable guides on.

I’m seriously impressed with this bike. Jeff and the All-City team did a bang-up job on it! Just remember, even the Nature Boy is at home in the City!

Check out more detail photos on my Flickr