Readers’ Rides: Bicycle Pubes’ Enforcer Cycles Sendy Grav Grav Cruncher


Readers’ Rides: Bicycle Pubes’ Enforcer Cycles Sendy Grav Grav Cruncher

Who is Bicycle Pubes? Or rather, what is Bicycle Pubes? Internet jokester or an anonymous harbinger of cycling’s truths. For this week’s Readers’ Rides we look at the Grim Donut of gravel bikes, the Grav Grav Cruncher by Enforcer Bikes

Here is my prototype sendy gravgrav cruncher. This is a collaboration between myself and Enforcer Bikes, who used to be out of Portland, which is where I also might be from. This bike, like all Enforcer Bikes was made by Marino in Peru.

Short rear end and wacky slacky headtube angle means it’s ready to do something cool probably. I got reckless with the zits. They asked me where I wanted to zits and I said just willy nilly all over the place. A bottle mockup proved that this was short-sighted and that I’m certainly no Greg Petersnaps when it comes to bike-makin’.

60cm Walmer bars from Curve Cycling are hilariously wide yet not completely terrible in the hoods like I thought they would be. Looking forward to getting them up higher with a big old boney stem.

This is the best bike so far. Thank you for your time.

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