Radar Roundup: Win $20k from Old Man Mountain, 8-Bit, Simply Enough, Tiger and Wolf Jerseys, Southwest Swift, and We Have a Winner!


Radar Roundup: Win $20k from Old Man Mountain, 8-Bit, Simply Enough, Tiger and Wolf Jerseys, Southwest Swift, and We Have a Winner!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…



$20k, An Adventure Van, and a 3-Month Road Trip

Our friends at Old Man Mountain and The Robert Axle Project are looking to find the inaugural President of The Loam and Gravel Society. What is the LGS? Well…

If you’re comfortable talking to yourself in public, love to ride bikes, and feel ready to lead a very public, secret society; Old Man Mountain would like to pay you $20,000, provide you with some great gear, put you in an adventure van provided by Carefree Camper Co., and send you off to ride your bike all over the western US for three months.

On this three-month road trip, the President of The Loam and Gravel Society will create an 8-episode YouTube series. The focus of this trip is NOT racing. You can be fast but the focus should be on enjoying the rides, the sights, and meeting potential inductees to the society. You are a content creator so you have to be willing to take lots of breaks and re-ride sections to properly chronicle them for The Society.

In addition to the eight 12-18 minute disquisitions, you’ll be asked to create shorter YouTube videos, Reels, photos, and blog posts. The Presidential term will be for 16 weeks; two before the trip, twelve for the trip, and, two after the trip.

Inquire here to nominate yourself for the position and be added to the ballot. Applications are being accepted until March 16th at 10:00 pm PST.

Wolf Tooth Components Expands their 8-Bit Multi-tool System

The Wolf Tooth 8-Bit System is a group of multi-tools designed to work together to solve most trailside fixes. They are lightweight, strong, versatile, and small enough to fit in a jersey pocket or riding tool wrap. The 8-Bit Tire Lever + Disc BrakeMulti-Tool joins the existing 8-Bit Chainbreaker + Utility Knife Multi-Tool, 8-Bit Tire Lever + RimDent Remover Multi-Tool, and 8-Bit Pack Pliers with new functions. All 8-Bit System multi-tools are designed to nest together when not in use for compact, easy storage.



Simply Enough With Garrin Evans and SRAM

SRAM just posted up a profile on Garrin Evans which we’d like you to check out!

“I am Garrin Evans. I am a proud, 31-year-old AAPI Trans woman in the bike industry. Sometimes the weight of my existence alone feels exhausting. With the representation of Trans women today – especially in sports – maybe I don’t need to be chasing the title of Barrier Breaker or Advocate, but instead, find the energy to go on that one ride I thought I was too tired for and perhaps meet someone new on the trail. That alone can be enough to Break the Bias.”

Read the whole piece at SRAM!

Handup Gloves New Jerseys are Sick!

Ever stop in a gas station in South Dakota and see some of the wild shirt designs featuring animals howling at the moon? Yeah? Those wild and wacky designs inspired the latest from Handup Gloves.

Swift Industries Launches New Fabric, Two New Bags, Plus Turquoise!

Swift Industries just announced that they’re now working with ECOPAK™ EPLX400, a new series of waterproof fabrics made out of 100% recycled polyester made from post-consumer plastics sourced through environmental remediation finished with PFC-free DWR coating. They’re now making their bags with this new material in a bright turquoise color, including their two new bags: the Moxie top tube snack bag and Gibby stem bag.

Check out the complete Ecopak collection at Swift!

We Have a Winner for Our Singular Peregrine Giveaway!

A huge congrats goes out to Felix in Ontario for winning our Singular Cycles Peregrine giveaway. We ran all the emails from the newsletter signup through Textfixer’s randomizer and came up with Felix’s email. We’re sending him the bike this week. Enjoy! We’ll be doing more giveaways in the future, so stay tuned and connected in our weekly newsletter…


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration by @kankobayashi_

Coffee Outside meetups are sweeping the world and really took hold during the pandemic as a way for cyclists to socialize in a safe environment. Personally, we hope this hangs around, especially when it inspires illustrations such as this!

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