Radar Roundup: Cargo Mounts, Wizard Roundup, Manivelle Rack, Go-Go, Bikefishing, Hans SF, and a Great Escape


Radar Roundup: Cargo Mounts, Wizard Roundup, Manivelle Rack, Go-Go, Bikefishing, Hans SF, and a Great Escape

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Wildwood Cycles’ Lower Suspension Fork Cargo Mounts

Canadian framebuilder Wildwood Cycles developed these lower fork mounts for cargo cages that attach and remove with ease. These mounts work with Wildwood’s Cargo Cages and XT Fork Baskets too. Keep on top of Wildwood on their Instagram.

WZRD Bikes Now Ships to the USA

We’ve posted a lot of WZRD Bikes content as of late but today we’re here to share the news that WZRD Bikes now ship to the USA. You can now buy their stems, merch, and even that neat-o Ritual Rack LITE! See all of WZRD Bikes stock at their webshop.

Wizard Works New Go-Go Bag Size

It’s a wizard roundup today! Wizard Works have added a new size to their range of Go-Go Top Tube Bags. Taking feedback from their customers, the size of the original Go-Go Top Tube Bag was a little too tall for racier looking bikes. Not wanting to leave anyone out, they’ve added a third size to the range – the same footprint as the regular size Go-Go with a little less height.

As always, made in London UK! In stock and shipping from Wizard Works.

Unirack by Manivelle

The Unirack, handcrafted in the Manivelle workshop, is a light seatpost rack designed for rugged bike touring. Its design pushes the rear bag farther from the saddle than on the supports already available on the market, giving the rider much more freedom of movement. Thanks to its 3D printed mounting kit, the Unirack adapts to all seatposts in D27.2 and 31.6 and will therefore equip both gravel and even suspended mountain bikes.

Originally designed around the SHAZAM saddle bag from our friends from Wizard Works, the Unirack is compatible with most saddlebags on the market. See more at Manivelle.



3 Days of Bikepacking and Fly Fishing in NW Montana

Three friends go on a gravel riding adventure in NW Montana…



Slay The Bay – Urban MTB Adventure in San Francisco w Hans Rey and Brett Tippie

Slay The Bay is the latest urban adventure from Hans Rey as he traverses the San Francisco Bay area in 5 days. He was joined by Freeride legend Brett Tippie as they explored this iconic city with its beautiful nature and trails on their mountain bikes and ebikes.



A 2700KM BIKEPACKING TRIP – ‘The Great Escape’

Follow Aaron Rolph’s 2700km bikepacking trip up the United Kingdom, taking anything but the shortest route. His self-propelled journey involved various activities along the way but when things don’t go to plan, his lockdown daydream ends as a hospitalised nightmare. A year on, time has passed yet nothing had really changed, follow his epic adventure from the Scilly Isles to the Shetlands.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @DirtyDropBars

While we love seeing snowy landscapes, we’re all pining for warmer weather and longer days but thanks for documenting the beauty of winter, @DirtyDropBars!

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