Radar Roundup: Fizik Terra Atlas, WolfTooth Colored Lockrings, Electric Echidna, High-End Horse, How We Roll, and Explore Your Boundaries


Radar Roundup: Fizik Terra Atlas, WolfTooth Colored Lockrings, Electric Echidna, High-End Horse, How We Roll, and Explore Your Boundaries

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Fizik Terra Atlas $159

Fizik’s shoes are mighty comfy and today the brand announced its newest dirt-oriented shoe, the Terra Atlas. These shoes feature BOA closure, a sticky, traction grabbing sole and a durable outer. They are available in four colors – Grey/Black, Pink/Grape, Black/Black & Army – and the Terra Atlas is available from all fizik stockists now.

• Stiffness Index 5
• Nylon outsole with rubberized treads
• Removable toe studs
• Wider heel platform to provide a safe and firm grip


Wolf Tooth Colored Centerlock Rotor Lockrings $15.95

Want to add some anodized bling to your centerlock-rotor-equipped bike? Well, Wolf Tooth just announced colored rotor lockrings, available in the full spectrum of WolfTooth colors, allowing you to match your components or just add a splash of color. They are compatible with 12mm, 15mm, and 20mm thru-axles and quick release. In stock now and shipping from WolfTooth or your local dealer.

FYXO Electric Echidna Merino Shirt/Jersey $79/$89

We love great animal illustrations – you can probably tell that already – and our friends at FYXO made these Echidna wool shirt jerseys to commemorate their endemic marsupials in Plenty Gorge, just outside of Melbourne. These mid-weight 170gsm shirts are perfect for long days on the bike and day-to-day wear. See more at FYXO.

Horse Polka Dot Stainless Naval Knife $325

One of the brands we’d feature, at least yearly, from various tradeshows is Horse and while readers of The Radavist might know Thomas’ bikes best, he also makes various other goods. Hatchets, axes, and yeah, knives. These might be a little rich for your blood but sometimes just showing appreciation is all that matters!

Roll on over to Horse to see all their made in NYC goods!



How We Roll

Welcome to where it all began… the land of wheelies, skids, and the “mob squad”, where the times are timeless and age doesn’t exist.

That’s right, you know the spot, we built it with blood, sweat, and gears. Ever since the first pedal stroke we’ve been coming back. To this place where friendships are forged with mud and mischief, and the good book of life is written in close calls and double dog dares. That’s right, in this game of getting rad and never growing up, it doesn’t matter if we’re ten or a hundred and two, our two wheeled time machines have a way of putting us exactly where we need to be; one step ahead of trouble, right between badass and biffing it.

It’s just how we roll.



Explore Your Boundaries

A film from Mark Beaumont & Markus Stitz, ‘Explore Your Boundaries’ was inspired by the desire to create adventures close to home, a way of seeing the familiar in unfamiliar ways. Mark Beaumont, Guinness World Record holder for the fastest circumnavigation by bike, and Markus Stitz, singlespeed round the world cyclist and filmmaker, mapped 24 Scottish council boundary routes to encourage people to stay active, whether cycling or walking, and to inspire adventures that started and finished at their front door.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @Beachclubzzz

What a photo from Beach Club! If you aren’t familiar with Beach Club, check out this post from our archives

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