Beach Club Launches with Its Discless Road


Beach Club Launches with Its Discless Road

Beach Club grew out of Team Dream and The Cub House and offers Made in Los Angeles frames and stems by Darren Larkin

Discless road? Beach Club? This means rim brakes, cus rim brakes still rule and look the best when surfing the Earth’s surface because that’s what matters most right? In essence, this bike is like looking at the bike you remember loving in the early 2000s thru rose-colored lenses; lithe, comfortable, and intuitive, without the annoyances of non-compact gearing and 23c tires at 120 psi loosening your fillings over pavement seams, literally the best of then and now.

These frames are full Columbus Life tubes with Columbus Futura Caliper SL Forks and clear 30mm tires. Each frame is painted with painted logos designed by The Radavist’s Cari Carmean. No decals here. Read on for more…

So you get the sweet Columbus Life frame decal and one of the best bicycle forks on the market.  This frame also includes all Paragon bits… as we said, no corners were cut here.  They build up nice and light (the 54 we built up at the shop is just under 16.5lbs).  That is real bike weight,  as you see it with pedals and cages.

We could lie like all the big guys and tell you what a size XXS with papier-mache cockpit weighs but you’re too smart for that obviously. At the shop, we were tired of building race bikes with a bunch of headset spacers so we designed these frames around taller head tubes, so you get that race look with a trademarked (pending) “civilized” Beach Club Fit, but don’t let the tallish headtube fool ya because this bike is as snappy and fast as it is comfortable.

It’s geared for both performance and endurance and all-around hotness, but in a cool way, but not too cool.  You also get super classic lines with straight 1 ⅛ head tubes. For simplicity, all of the cables are externally routed and the bottom bracket has anti-creak threads in it.  Depending on your brake calipers you can easily run a 700 x 30c tire.

Price: $2,600 for frame, fork, and matching seatpost clamp and if you buy it with the frameset, the stem is $290 and is also painted to match.

If you want in on the first batch, email Beach Club directly for more pricing info and sizing…