Radar Roundup: PEARL iZUMi Dirt Shoes, Kitchen Sink Bag, Ripton Denim Vest, Cascada Land Wool, We Are One Arrival 170, and Beat The Beast


Radar Roundup: PEARL iZUMi Dirt Shoes, Kitchen Sink Bag, Ripton Denim Vest, Cascada Land Wool, We Are One Arrival 170, and Beat The Beast

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

PEARL iZUMi Expedition Pro Gravel Shoes, Canyon Flat MTB Shoes, and Expedition MTB Shoes $260/$125/$160

PEARL iZUMi has just announced its dirt-centric footwear for this Fall/Winter with the Expedition Pro Gravel Shoes, the Canyon Flat MTB shoes, and the Expedition MTB shoes. All three shoes use an “urban sage” grey to tie together the new hits of berm brown and sunfire colors. Roll on over to PEARL iZUMi to see the full range of footwear.

Redshift Kitchen Sink Handlebar Bag $59.99

From the creators of the ‘aero loop’ Kitchen Sink bar comes the Redshift Kitchen Sink handlebar bag. Stealthily contained within the loop portion of the Kitchen Sink bar. This handlebar bag puts all your essentials in an easy to access and extremely safe location. There is space for 2 tubes, 4 cliff bars, a multitool, 2 gels, a CO2 cartridge, and a cycling computer. This means 1 liter of storage at your fingertips. Easy access to your snacks comes with the magnetic lid closure and an optional carbon computer mount to hold your Garmin or Wahoo. The tidy confines of the bag provide the ideal location for all your ride essentials. When fully expanded, the kitchen sink handlebar bag is large enough to fit a phone and deep enough for a mirrorless camera. The Kitchen sink bag is ready to stow any gear you need during a ride.


  • 0.77 Liter capacity and up to 1.0 liter when expanded
  • Magnetic closure – easily access food, phone and tools.
  • Fits 17 granola bars OR 20 gels and 2 bars OR 1 vest, multi-tool, tube, CO2+inflator and Clif Bar
  • 120 grams. Mount 21 grams
  • YKK waterproof zippers, Cordura material
  • Retail Price of $59.99, optional Mount for Garmin or Wahoo is $19.99
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Optional computer mount/GoPro mount

See more at Redshift.

Ripton Regulator Vest $89

Ripton’s first high-performance denim vest brings bi-component technical denim to a classic workwear silhouette. The Regulator Vest does what vests do best, adds a layer of protection, warmth, and turbo vibes. The dark acid wash finish brings the right big denim energy to your life. Technical / stretch denim has not made its way into tops across the broader market, and you’ll see why you’ll never go back, especially with the Regulator flapping behind you on your local booter or casual road gap. Finally ample billboard space for patches, embroidery, and opinions.

See more at Ripton.

Cascada Land Wool Shirt $122

No one will argue that “Made in Italy” means high quality when it comes to clothing. Cascada is doing it right with their Land Wool shirts, flannels designed for riding/camping/rinse/repeat. The 2022 drop features a golden wool, a green wool, and geometric grey Land Wool shirts. These are in stock and shipping today from Cascada.

We Are One Composites Arrival 170 SP1 Build $9,283.55 SP2 Build $7,489.10

Building upon the success of the ARRIVAL 152 platform (which might be more our “speed”), We Are One has unleashed a brand new Arrival 170 build. These frames are built in Canada, feature 170/170 suspension that can be pushed to 190 for an extreme build, and are one of the most unique silhouettes in the mountain bike industry.

We just wanted to commend We Are One for pursuing production in Canada. Roll on over to see more!



Standert Triebwerk CR | Beat The Beast | Standert Bicycles

Made from a mix of Columbus Spirit, Spirit HSS and XCr tubes combined with a maximum of 28c tire clearance, the Triebwerk CR gives you all the compliance you could ask for to fully enjoy your ride. Further we found out that rim brakes still work. And they also are so easy to maintain. The 1 ⅛” headtube with the Chris King headset and the Columbus Futura Caliper SL carbon fork give the Triebwerk CR that slick classic road bike look. When it comes to the bottom bracket we go for T47 as usual. In the end we created a modern steel road bike that is very light, agile and durable but still looks like an absolute classic. See more at Standert.


Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @tailwindcyclery


We love a good basket bike build and Tailwind Cyclery has made just that with this pink Hard Rock! See more details at their Instagram.

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