Radar Roundup: PAUL Hubs Return, Rapha Excess Program, El Jefe Giveaway, Velocio Unity Jerseys, Kogel Goes Purple, Lael and the Triple Crown


Radar Roundup: PAUL Hubs Return, Rapha Excess Program, El Jefe Giveaway, Velocio Unity Jerseys, Kogel Goes Purple, Lael and the Triple Crown

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

PAUL Hubs Are Back in Stock

The long wait for PAUL hubs is finally coming to an end! The Chico-based manufacturer sent out 524 “Back In Stock” email notifications last week, with more going out over the next couple weeks as it gets more hubshells anodized and polished. Wooooo! Long story short, during Covid, PAUL replaced a couple of its CNC machines with high-tech newer models, and had to get all of our new tooling in order.

Now we should have everything from our super elegant High-Flange hubs to the most esoteric of Thru-Axle Fixed Disc hubs, and everything in-between, back in stock on the PAUL website or through your favorite local shops and wheel builders.

Rapha Excess Collection

While surplus fabric may be an unavoidable part of the apparel industry, giving new life to discarded material is where apparel manufacturers can make all the difference. This prompted Rapha to create an Excess capsule collection constructed from leftover fabric and available in very limited numbers. The collection saved approximately 2303m of excess fabric and 24 kg of yarn in total, and excess zips, elastics and size labels were also used where possible.

Check out the full collection at Rapha.

Win a Revel El Jefe from Club Ride

Revel, Magura, Club Ride, and FSA joined forces to stoke out your spring with a killer giveaway featuring a Revel El Jefe, a $750 gear package from Club Ride with Components from Magura, and Full Speed Ahead. All ya gotta do to enter is roll over to Club Ride and enter your email address for a chance to win.

Check it all out at Club Ride!

Velocio Unity Jerseys for Men and Women $189

The last several years have been consumed by disease, political division, war, and uncertainty. These experiences and situations have created a deep crevasse many of us have fallen into. What’s been more evident than ever before is the need for connection: the unmasked smile, the group ride, a laugh with friends.

The UNITY 2023 project is dedicated to finding these bright spots, and through them, finding the motivation to move forward. 100% of this year’s jersey profits will support two mental-health-focused non-profit partners; NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Health, based in the United States, and WHO European Framework for Action on Mental Health, based in Europe.

The Special Edition (SE) UNITY jersey combines the versatility and performance of the signature jersey with a unique one-time print.

See the new Unity jerseys at Velocio.

Kogel Purple Ceramic Pulleys

Stock pulleys on most derailleurs are made of plastic, which makes them susceptible to flex and premature wear. Upgrading to Kogel oversized ceramic pulleys will reduce drive train friction, improve shifting accuracy and save you from making trips to the shop to replace worn-out pulleys. Whether your current derailleur pulleys are tired or you want to upgrade to Kogel’s new ceramic bearing pulleys, there’s even more reason now if you have a thing for purple anodized components.

Kogel has something for any modern geared drivetrain from Campy to Shimano and SRAM.

Check out all the offerings at Kogel.




Lael and the Triple Crown

Zipp’s “Making You Faster” series recently caught up with ultra-endurance cyclist Lael Wilcox. Check it out as this episode takes Chas along for a training ride up Mt. Lemmon in Arizona as she prepares to take on bikepacking’s biggest challenge: The Triple Crown.




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Illustration via @Oaksandspokes by @jaredharber

May is bike month and our buddy Jared Harber made this sweet design for Oaks and Spokes in Raleigh, NC. If you’re in the Research Triangle area, check out Oaks and Spokes Bike Month happenings!

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