Radar Roundup: New Shimano Dirt Shoes, Allied US-Made BC40 FS MTB, Forekaster, Light and Motion VIS LightPool Taillight, and Mars Is Mine!!


Radar Roundup: New Shimano Dirt Shoes, Allied US-Made BC40 FS MTB, Forekaster, Light and Motion VIS LightPool Taillight, and Mars Is Mine!!

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

RX6 Gravel Shoes for Dirt

Expanding on SHIMANO’s popular RX8 gravel race shoe platform, the new RX600 offers even more riders SHIMANO’s signature performance and fit for gravel rides, bikepacking, and adventuring. Ready for all the mud, dust, and mixed terrain encountered on these rides, the RX600 offers smooth, powerful pedalling performance and superior grip that you can trust.

EX700 / EX700 GTX, and EX300 / EX300W

Offering smooth, powerful pedalling performance on the bike, combined with grip and traction you can trust when walking or pushing the bike, the EX700 and EX700 GTX (with added water and dust protection) take you further.

The EX300 and EX300W shoes present a sleek and stylish outer that looks at home wherever you are. Ideal for quick and easy commutes around town or heading off the beaten path on a multi-day tour, a flexible sole provides the perfect balance of pedal efficiency and walkability.

Availability: Fall 2022

MSRP Pricing:

RX6: $180
EX700: $190
EX700GTX: $200
EX300/EX300W: $120

Allied Cycle Works BC40 Made in the USA Full Suspension MTB $5590 (frame)

Fans of US-made bikes and XC full suspensions can rejoice today as Allied Cycle Works has announced its BC40 carbon bike. The BC40 is set up with a four bar suspension design, a made in the USA carbon chassis, and is designed around 120 travel front and rear.

These bikes are meant to be light, snappy, and perfect for ultra-endurance races (look at that frame bag space!) or long-distance MTB races. Target frame weight including Sid Luxe Ultimate is 1950g/4.3lbs for size L; final weight will vary depending on size and paint option selected.

Check out more at Allied!

Maxxis Forekaster XC Tires $83

Speaking of XC bikes, check out the new and improved Forekaster. The original Forekaster was designed as a wet weather option for XC, while the new version is aimed squarely at modern short travel (100mm-130mm) trail bikes – aka the “downcountry” segment. Intended to be a “Goldilocks” tire, the new Forekaster (July 2022) rolls faster than a Minion or even the Dissector but provides more predictable cornering, climbing, and braking traction than the Aspen or Rekon.

See more at Maxxis.



VIS LightPool Taillight: Visibility from the Ground Up

Our friends at Light and Motion have a revolutionary new Tailight on Kickstarter! The new VIS LightPool Taillight directs amber light down towards the spokes and pedals of the bike, allowing driver’s to easily identify the cyclist. The VIS LightPool effect comes from sensors that automatically turns on the downlight once it gets dark to complement the rear facing light controlled by the rider. The beam pattern alternates between downlight and rear facing light…

See more at Kickstarter!


Mars Is Mine!! 2023 Niner RKT 9 RDO Launch Video

This, my friends, is how you do a launch video! GREAT JOB, Balog!


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