Shimano Electrifies GRX 2×12 with RX825 Di2


Shimano Electrifies GRX 2×12 with RX825 Di2

Shimano GRX gets a new Di2 2×12 kit today with RX825 as well as some software updates. Let’s check out what this 2×12 electronic shifting gravel groupset looks like…

Fairlight is offering its Faran 2.5 and Secan 2.5 with new GRX Di2 2×12 12-speed

Electrifying Shimano’s 12-speed gravel component family, the new 2×12-speed GRX RX825 Di2 ($2,533.87 complete kit) components combine Shimano’s electronic shifting with gearing options optimized for gravel riding and racing. The new suite of electronic Di2 parts features dual control levers refined for comfort and control, a Shimano Shadow RD+ equipped rear derailleur for better chain management, and a gravel-optimized front derailleur for precise shifting.

GRX 2×12 RX825 Di2 Release Key Features

  • Evolved Di2 Platform – Redesigned Di2 system with fast, precise shifting and a wireless cockpit design for the ultimate performance and absolute reliability.
  • Advanced Gravel Drivetrain – Optimized 12-speed gearing for unrivaled efficiency and Shimano’s proven HYPERGLIDE+ technology for seamless shifting, no matter the situation.
  • Refined Interface and Ergonomics – The ultimate balance of comfort and grip, GRX offers unparalleled ergonomics, a cleaner cockpit design, and ultimate customization.

Like with the RX820 mechanical components, riders can tailor their gearing with the 48/31-tooth chainrings or use the RX610 crank and its 46/30-tooth chainrings. Similarly, riders can choose from an 11-36T or 11-34T cassette for a wide gear range with tight gear steps to spin a comfortable cadence.

GRX RX825 Di2 compatible gearing options:

  • 48/31T RX820 crank ($249.99)
  • 46/30T RX610 crank ($159.99)
  • 11-36T HG710 cassette ($87.99)
  • 11-34T R9200, R8100, R7100 cassettes

Flared For Gravel

The new Dual Control Levers also employ a gravel-optimized body shape cross-section for seamless integration with flared handlebars. Rounder in shape, the transfer from handlebar to hood is smoother and creates a larger surface area to help eliminate pressure points.

ST-RX825 – Hydraulic Disc Brake Dual Control Lever

  • Wireless Di2 Connectivity
  • 2 x 12-speed DUAL CONTROL LEVER
  • Gravel-specific brake lever and bracket ergonomics
  • New flared drop bar optimization
  • Anti-slip coating on brake lever surface
  • Three Di2 buttons per lever for E-TUBE PROJECT Cyclist app customization
  • Replaceable coin cell batteries (2 x CR1632) with expected lifespan of 3.5 to 4 years
  • Weight: 415 grams each / 830g pair
  • US retail $556.99 each


Accessory Di2 Shift Switches

The new Di2 system also allows for accessory shift buttons, another key advantage of electronic shifting. Plugging in one of Shimano’s satellite shifters, whether on the tops, drops, or on aero bars, riders can more consistently maintain their effort without the need to move their hands. Like the third button on the GRX Di2 Dual Control Levers, these satellite switches can be assigned various functions including shifting of either derailleur, to control compatible lights and cycle computers, or as a lap button during workouts.

Shimano Shadow RD+ Rear Derailleur

The RX825 rear derailleur features Shimano’s pioneering Shadow RD+ technology. With its convenient on/off switch, Shadow RD+ makes removing the rear wheel easy when turned off. When on, the drivetrain is under additional tension that makes for a quieter ride and more precise shifting.

Like on Shimano’s road 12-speed Di2 systems, the rear derailleur is also the communication hub of the drivetrain, communicating wirelessly with the shift levers, compatible cycle computers, and E-tube Project Cyclist via a smartphone. It also houses the system’s charge port and the multi-function button which allows riders to easily check battery level, pair via Bluetooth, and enter adjustment mode for both derailleurs.

RD-RX825 Rear Derailleur

  • Shimano Shadow RD+ Chain Stabilization
  • Integrated D-FLY connectivity and charging
  • 12-speed
  • Compatible with 11-34T and 11-36T cassettes
  • Weight: 310 grams
  • US retail: $409.99

Wider Chainline for More Clearance

Like the very first GRX groups, the RX825 system employs a wider, +2.5mm chainline for improved tire clearance. This is especially helpful with the trend towards wider tires and events where mud is expected.

FD-RX825 Front Derailleur

  • Chainline +2.5mm vs. conventional road FD
  • Wider tire clearance
  • 2 x 12-speed
  • Weight: 142 grams
  • US retail: $209.99

E-Tube Project Customization and Front Shift Next

Using Shimano’s E-Tube Project Cyclist application, riders can choose between different gear shift intervals for multi-shift, customize shift button assignment (what buttons perform which functions), program different automatic shift modes like Synchronized and Semi-Synchronized shifts, and fine-tune shifting.

The launch of RX825 also coincides with the debut of Shimano’s new Front Shift Next functionality.

With this firmware update, you can now utilize Shimano’s user-friendly E-Tube Project Cyclist app to program any 12-speed Di2 button to shift the front derailleur to whichever chainring you are not currently using and then toggle back and forth using the same button. This new firmware is compatible not only with GRX RX825, but also with Shimano’s family of 12-speed road Di2 groups. The result is simpler, more intuitive shifting for less-experienced riders and quicker decision-making for veteran riders in the heat of competition.

Along with dramatically simplifying the gear-changing process, Shimano Front Shift Next can also free up other switches to handle tasks such as moving through multiple screens on a paired cycle computer, turning on and off compatible lights, or hitting the “lap” button on your cycle computer so you can keep your hands securely in place, even during your hardest efforts.

Check out the full GRX 2×12 Di2 launch at Shimano.