Radar Roundup: Xpac Tulip and Holy LaRon, Falconer Ti One Hitter, Ride Farr Headspace Stem V2, Safety Pizza Burnt Slice, Formula Cura Silver Brakes, Cascada Land Outdoor Shirt, Nitto Craft 5 Stem, Sim Works WB Loader, and What Makes a Bike Ride Well?


Radar Roundup: Xpac Tulip and Holy LaRon, Falconer Ti One Hitter, Ride Farr Headspace Stem V2, Safety Pizza Burnt Slice, Formula Cura Silver Brakes, Cascada Land Outdoor Shirt, Nitto Craft 5 Stem, Sim Works WB Loader, and What Makes a Bike Ride Well?

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Xpac Tulip and Holy LaRon Bags

If your eyes can handle it, and you aren’t prone to seizures, then this is the collection for you! This one has been a long time coming–Ron’s Bikes finally set its signature tulips and holy print ripped from a centuries-old quilt design to a modern marvel made in Connecticut X-pac VX21 material. … and boy is it something!

Check out the full drop at Ron’s Bikes.

Falconer Ti One Hitters $90

Cameron Falconer just whipped up a fresh batch of one-hitters, hot off the presses. This run comes in either 4″ or 6″ lengths, for $90 each shipped in the USA. Made from titanium, this batch has a stylish F on the bottom so you can remember who made it.

  • All titanium construction, 3/8″ diameter stem for easy cleaning.
  • 4″ and 6″ overall length available, custom on request for $10 upcharge
  • 90$ each shipped in the USA
  • Email falconercycles@gmail.com
  • Or DM @coffeeandeggs

Ride Farr Handlebar Stem Headspace 70mm Ext 31.8 Bar V2 $99

When Ride Farr set out to design a new stem, they knew the market was already saturated and the world probably didn’t need another lightweight stem to add to the mix. So they looked further back to the 1980s and the work of Tom Ritchey with his Bullmoose bar and updated the design, mixing in Ride Farr’s DNA.

The Headspace 70mm stem is designed to accommodate a 31.8mm bar diameter and is available in 1 extension – 70mm. The new, V2 design removed the lower bridge the V1 had, allowing to mount many 3rd party accessories ( GPS mounts, Lights, Camera, etc ) within the area between the top clamps … Furthermore, this V2 weighs just 148g.

Removing the top clamps allows for an integrated GPS mount (shown above).


  • 70mm Extension
  • Zero Degree Rise
  • 31.8mm Bar Diameter
  • Forged Alloy Construction with CNC-Machined Finish
  • 85mm Clamping Width ( ideal for Drop Handlebars and Flat or Low Riser MTB Handlebars )
  • Final Weight : 148g
  • Recommended Torque Settings : 5Nm for Steerer and Clamps

See more at Ride Farr.

Safety Pizza Burnt Slice $20

Indulge in the luxury of Burnt Slice’s black, waterproof, ultra-reflective finish. With a sophisticated aesthetic and classic feel, this timeless piece is sure to elevate your style and bring you distinguished elegance.

Manufactured in Santa Rosa, CA

In stock now at Safety Pizza.

Formula Cura Brakes in Polished Aluminum $149

Finding silver MTB components isn’t easy, so when we see something that looks great, we have to share it. The Cura is a clean, simple, and great riding brake designed to fit all riders and their bikes. Through a new ergonomic lever with enhanced adjustment, Formula’s two-piece lever utilizes the new FCS (Feeling Control System) and TFRA (Tool-Free Reach Adjustment), and offers a whole new level of adjustability. And they just look good. $149 for front or rear. $298 for the set.

Check out more at Formula.

Cascada Land Outdoor Shirt $140

Whether it’s exploring new roads on your bike, hiking on mountain trails, or wearing it to warm up on post-run, the Land Wool Shirt will bring you on any adventure you want to take. Made from breathable wool/polyester blend fabric, guarantees maximum comfort all year round, combining the benefits of wool (thermoregulation, odor control, insulation even when wet) with the quick drying and transpiration of polyester.

Slightly brushed inside to give a pleasant sensation in contact with the skin, is stretched to accommodate the body movements while you are out on the saddle and the slightly longer sleeves can be easily tucked in thanks to the elastic cuffs. The two chest pockets offer a safe place to store small items to have on hand, while in the hidden slot on the left pocket, you can put on your glasses when you don’t use them.


  • Made of breathable wool/polyester blend fabric
  • Longer and rounded back hem for added protection on the back
  • Press studs to help the opening and closing of the shirt
  • Slightly longer sleeves and elastic cuffs adjustable without buttons
  • Made in Italy

Check out more at Cascada.

GP1 Evo BioKork $49.95

When it comes to grips for all-day riding comfort, be it touring or big, backcountry riding, it’s hard to beat Ergon’s GP1 Evo BioKork. Well, Ergon has further enhanced this comfort original in function, material, and workmanship. For the first time, design, development, and manufacturing are Made in Germany, allowing Ergon to offer maximum quality down to the smallest detail.


  • Made in Germany – design, development and manufacturing.
  • New subtle ergonomic enhancements for more comfort and feel.
  • The Grip Body is made of 40% organic cork from Portugal and meets strict
    ecological guidelines.
  • Perfect hand ergonomics for noticeably less discomfort.
  • Fine detail improvements after 20 years as market leader in ergonomics,
    functional zones, material gradations and external clamping.
  • Helps reduce numb fingers, aching hands and forearms.
  • Protects against stress of the wrists, hands, and fingers.
  • Use: Touring, Comfort, Hybrid, E-Bike, Commuting, Bikepacking, Cargo.
  • Right and Left specific grips.
  • Forged aluminum clamps.
  • Available in 2 sizes.
  • Weight: 155 g (S), 200 g (L)

See more at Ergon.

Nitto Craft 5 Stem $190

Yesterday, we posted about the restock of the Sim Works Rhonda stem, which is a tig welded stem crafted by Nitto in Japan, so we thought it’d be fitting to plug the Nitto Craft 5 Stem, which is fillet brazed and chrome plated by Nitto in Japan. These stems have been out of stock for a while as Nitto catches up on Pandemic delays but Crust Bikes has them in stock today…


  • Made in Japan
  • Fillet Brazed Steel
  • Color- High Polish
  • Bar Clamp Diameter- 31.8
  • Steerer Clamp Diameter- 1 1/8″
  • Length- 70mm
  • Rise/Drop- 7°
  • Stack- 40mm
  • Weight- 213g

Check out more at Crust Bikes.

Sim Works WB Loader Basket Bag $76.00

After John reviewed the Old Man Mountain Elkhorn and Basket, we’ve been looking around at various basket bag options from our favorite makers. The Sim Works WB Loader is a great option, that’s currently on sale for $76, down from $95. These bags are made by RAL, Sim Works’ outdoor gear brand.

Made from cordura nylon, the entire bag is padded, protecting your luggage. The roll-top access allows for easy opening and expansion when needed, be it for a grocery run or on a tour. There’s even a ‘pig nose’, allowing the option of attaching additional items to the bag.

Check out more at Sim Works.




What Makes a Bike Ride Well?

… hot take. It’s not the frame!




Stuff we see on the ‘net that causes pause…

Photo by @ateliervelocidade

This photo from Atelier Velocidade is stunning!

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