Presenting the Speedvagen Custom Rando


Presenting the Speedvagen Custom Rando

One of the most interesting parts of Speedvagen is seeing how individuals can bring their own riding style, perspectives, and ideas to the brand and push us in new directions.

Think back to Sacha and the Urban Racer. Richard and the GTFO, Glenn and the AFF, and now Bradford and his baby the Speedvagen Custom Rando.

Last summer early in the pandemic we hired Bradford Smith to build frames. While that was a crazy time to start new, he’s taking to the role exceptionally well and has been a staple in developing new ideas. His excitement for bike and riding is unlike anyone we have ever seen.

Bradford’s riding style is just different than that of an average cyclist and he thrives in the Ultra Endurance category and cyclocross, a strange mixture on opposite ends of the spectrum. Brad is known to do some pretty wild rides like completing 1200 Km (750 miles) Paris-Brest-Paris in 48hours of moving time. Finishing the Trans America bike race in 11th place and many more long-distance adventures.

The Rando is his influence and thoughts on how a bike should ride, combined with all of classic SV signature touches, seat stays, geo, materials, technology, and style.

The Rando

-Three Cerekote colors Army, Terracotta, Titanium Blue
-Custom Geo
-Custom Steel Fork
-Custom Built-in House rack.
-Ruthworks Bag
-Lighting Package featuring SON dynamo hub and Supernova E3 lights
-Painted to match Honjo fenders
-T47 BB

Turn around time depends on when parts arrive. We order all parts soon as you confirm your order, but in all honesty, if you are buying a custom bike right now be patient.

Deposit $1000 (deducted from the total price).