From Sydney to Wollongong

Some of my favorite riding photos came out of my stay in Australia last winter. While I doubt any ride I go on in the near future will compare to the two days into hell that Fyxo and Shifter Dan took me on, I had a blast riding from Sydney to Wollongong with Adam of CycleEXIF. What I thought would be an hour long ride, ended up being a 60 mile ride through rainforests and coastal roads, leading us to the workshop of Primate Frames.

I was on my MKE Orange One, in city clothes, toting a camera bag and Adam was on his singlespeed. Neither were ideal vehicles for this hot, Australian summer sun-filled afternoon but we managed to have a blast. For more dialog, see my old A Day in 10 Photos entry and for more photos, check out the slideshow…

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