Primate Frames

Back in February, Adam from CycleEXIF and I took a ride from Sydney to Wollongong to see Tarn and Meg at Primate Frames. I met these two back in 2009 at the CMWC in Tokyo, when they were both living in Sydney. Meg was running Candy Cranks and Tarn was building frames and working as an electrician. A few years ago, they moved to Wollongong to enjoy the mountains and get away from the hustle and bustle of city living. Tarn now builds Primate Frames out of their home and their dog Shifter overlooks the operations.

Tarn’s work is unique. Bright colors, big, thick tubesets and yet, elegant when the job calls for it. He’s been a huge Brooklyn Machine Works fan for years and you can tell in his work. His yolks are fat, his swing arms are burly and he works with steel. Unless it’s a custom scooter, then he uses carbon for the deck.

Check out the Gallery by clicking the photo above, or click here to open a new tab.

  • Mclennan Cycles

    I was there last weekend to nut out my third frame with Tarn and I still want to know how you managed to get Shifter to sit still for more than 3 seconds!

    •  I think Shifter was astounded by two more black-clad, red-faced and sweaty cyclists descending upon his scene… Great shots again, John!

  • Jonathan

    That’s my bike in pic #39 (and a few other shots).  It’s back from the painter and Tarn is building it up this week.  Seriously can not wait.

  • Primateframes

    Was a great pleasure to catch up with you again bro and the shots look dope. Till we meet again hopefully somewhere as funky as Japan :)