Phil Wood Limiteds


Phil Wood Limiteds

You gotta hand it to Phil Wood. Not only do they make some of the most sought-after track hubs on the market, they have managed to continuously make their hubs in the US. Even in the horrible economy, the people at Phil Wood are moving forward.

I’m not usually one to get all hyped up on limited bike parts but these hubs look pretty nuts. I had a set of Bayliss Wiley hubs on my Higgins Path Racer and have always loved the old 1950’s hub designs. Large, weight-reducing holes cut in the flanges just make a hub look extra sexy. Now I’m not so sure these hubs are as light as the Wiley hubs, but they sure do look pretty.

Affinity got in a few sets of silver and purple last week. I snapped a quick pic after picking up a wheelset. Excuse my fingerprints.