Paul and His Oddity 29+ Hardtail MTB

People often ask what I love most about my job. After the obvious – riding bikes – comes watching projects like this unfold. Paul Price lives in Chico and is the man behind Paul Component Engineering. He’s been in this game for a while and has been to NAHBS countless times over the years. In that time, he’s watched a lot of new names pop up in the framebuilding circuit, most notably Sean from Oddity Cycles. Sean’s creations are whacky, fun and offer very unique riding characteristics. For one, they’re titanium, which at smaller diameters, can be flexy. Not in a bad way, just in a unique way. Next up, Sean bends the shit out of the tubes, making them swoopy and thus increasing the wow factor.

This bike was at NAHBS this year and I was very tempted to photograph it, but I’m glad I held out for my visit to Chico. After all, it’s better to go on a ride with a bike, its owner, on the local trails it was designed for to photograph it and besides, a dirty bike just looks way radder.

I’m stoked to see these two coming together and even more stoked to see Paul shredding this thing.