Oregon Timber Trail Gravel Edition


Oregon Timber Trail Gravel Edition

Oregon Timber Trail just announced a “gravel” route that takes riders off technical backcountry terrain and points them down forest roads instead. Travers north to south from outside of Portland all the way to the California border on this new route:

“A rider of the Oregon Timber Trail will spend well over half of their time on singletrack trails.  Some of that singletrack is technical, isolated, and comfortable only on a bike with some give or suspension.  Riding the trail portions of the OTT takes some grit and a level of comfort riding single track for hours a day. For those with a similar sense of adventure but who want to avoid trails, we’ve mapped a gravel version of the OTT, albeit it’s only a beta version.  It roughly parallels the original OTT but sticks mostly to dirt and gravel roads that have little vehicle traffic.  Short stretches of easy trail and pavement tie it all together.  The scenery is just as striking but the chance for misadventure is less.”

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