OPEN Cycle: MIN.D Road Bike


OPEN Cycle: MIN.D Road Bike

OPEN’s latest bike isn’t an all-road or gravel bike with massive clearances. It’s an ultralight road bike with a few clever details. This bike has a lot going on but the most notable design features include a 25mm integrated seat mast, which offers more give and flex in what is normally one of the stiffest components in carbon bikes. This, combined with the ultra-thin stays give the MIN.D some flex where it counts.

Then there’s the MIN.D’s fork:

“The OPEN U-Turn was the first fork truly optimized for flatmount brakes by deleting the standard adaptor to switch between 140mm and 160mm disc rotors. The adaptor is a feature without a benefit at the expense of weight, stiffness and complexity.

The R-Turn uses the same Smartmount direct-mount design with thru-bolts without adaptors, just like the rear brake. Together with new shaping and a new layup optimized for road, the R-Turn is the lightest disc brake road fork available.”

The MIN.D fits a 32mm tire, comes in four sizes, and retails for $3,600 at Open.