New NYC Skatepark in Corona Queens


New NYC Skatepark in Corona Queens


Just caught this on The Come Up and I gotta say, it’s a really rad idea. The City is well aware of the popularity and iconic nature of certain spots. Most of which are immediate busts (especially on Park ave). For the past decade, city officials have been cleaning up the streets, converting almost all of the public plazas into constantly-surveillanced zones and consequently, displacing the city’s skateboarders. One way to get around this and address the growing skateboarding / BMX population is to make public skateparks.

These are usually designed based on some developer’s notion of what makes a skatepark legit. As we’ve seen with the recently-opened McCarren Skatepark, most of these parks suck!

NYC hired California Skateparks to design a new park in Corona, Queens. They took a new approach to park design by modeling the park after popular spots in the city, many of which are complete busts! Soon you’ll be able to ride just about every major NYC spot without even going into Manhattan. Not sure where the original image came from, or when it will be open, so stay tuned for more information.