New Craft: 5 Continents 5 Frames


New Craft: 5 Continents 5 Frames


This just in from the Instagram of Richard Sachs! Check out the details below.

“In order to emphasize the relevance of a global cultural movement of this productive sector, Confartigianato and Columbus have asked to 5 bicycle crafters, both masters and young artisans, from the 5 continents to realize a framework that embodied they vision of a craft bicycle.

The artisans that answered positively this call have been:
Richard Sachs (USA)
Karen Hartley (UK)
Cherubim (Japan)
Baum Cycles (Australia)
Mercer Bikes (South Africa)

Today, these artisanal masterpieces have arrived in Italy and will be exposed and admired at #NewCraft, the exhibition part of the program of XXI Triennale Internazionale del Design devoted to display the wonderful results stemming from the encounter between artisans’ know how and new technologies, as well as the global dimension of this new economy.

In order to celebrate this works as they deserve, we have asked two Italian maestros, Dario Pegoretti e Doriano De Rosa to enrich their presentation by joining us and telling about their experience of bicycle artisans in a global market.

The 29 June at 6 p.m. at New Craft exhibition at Fabbrica del Vapore, via Procaccini 4, Milano we will showcase these wonderful creation and talk about bicycles and artisans, in an event dedicated to celebrate them.”