Catching Up with Baum Cycles in Geelong

I’ve been to Baum Cycles before, a few years back but in that time, both Darren and myself have made a few big moves and while Baum is still in a large bit of expansion, it’s fun to see what the future is holding for the Geelong-based frame builder.

Geelong has long been a center of manufacturing in Australia and even though the major factories have since left, Baum is alive and pulsating with energy.

The biggest change at Baum is the new physical queue. Literally, every customer, from the second they get a fitting and make a deposit, has a cubicle that rolls on a rack. If the customer holds up the queue, their spot gets bumped back and when your cubicle is at the end of the rack, it’s time to get built.

This gives not only Darren and his employees a physical reference for work, but it allows them to keep their customer’s parts and papers in order. Darren then took it further and established a color-coordinated production chart. These colors indicate what needs to happen and when. The specifics I’ll leave a secret, because, you know, Darren worked hard on it!

Unlike their color-coordinated system, Baum has always been very open with their final product. Their new factory space, albeit a work-in-progress, will open the inner workings of their facility up to potential and current customers.

I visit a lot of frame builders and Baum always impresses. Check out the Gallery for more insights into how Baum is keeping industry alive in Geelong, Victoria.