My Track Machine: 2010 Felt TK2


My Track Machine: 2010 Felt TK2

I’ve been meaning to photograph my new race bike for a few weeks now and it wasn’t until this weekend’s track opener that I actually had the time to do so. When I decided to race at the track this year, I wanted to go aluminum. The last thing I wanted to do was work my Merckx over into a noodle or potentially wreck it. I spoke with Ben’s Cycle about working out a deal on a complete Felt TK2 and being the amazing sponsors they are, I got a brand-spanking new bike shortly after.

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My initial reaction to the bike when I got it in was that the fit was going to take some tweaking. I went with a size 58 because the 60cm’s top tube would be too long for me. So with a little bit extra post sticking out and the saddle slid forward a few centimeters, I achieved a comfortable fit. Wanting a wider, shallower bar, I decided to go with the FSA Energy New Ergo bar in a 44cm width. The extra leverage really makes a difference and not once did I hit my wrist on the bends. It also makes the bike a little more street-friendly; bars with flats are a good thing.

One other feature on the bike that makes it extremely race-friendly is the asymmetric rear end. I had a hard time photographing it, hence the lack of photos, but the rear end is actually designed to make left turns. Clever huh?

Overall, for the buck, the Felt TK2 is a great track machine. Aside from me breaking the cones and spacers on the rear wheel twice, I’m stoked on how it performed. Gloss-black Omniums too! My only upgrade will probably be new wheels but that’ll take a while to commit to.

Many thanks to Ben’s Cycle for hooking this up. They really know how to run a company. Being a local bike shop since 1928 has its perks!