Mid-West Mayhem Roll Call


Mid-West Mayhem Roll Call

Ok. Reports are flooding my Twitter of numerous riders from all over coming to Milwaukee for the Mid-West Mayhem. Is this possibly, the biggest Fixedgear event of all time? Who will win the trick comp? Who will pass out in yellow snow? Who will make us breakfast!??!

So far here’s the list that I know of:

-Kris LC
-Sean Milnes
-Huck-It Puckett
-AJ Austin
-Jeff AC
-Mystery ringer…

Like Moses warned the Pharaoh of the locusts, I would like to warn the citizens of Milwaukee. Stay indoors, board your windows and be prepared for the reign.

I can only imagine what will happen to people if Polo players were getting locked up!

If you’re coming to this event and you aren’t from MKE, post in the comments. I’m sure the organizers are feeling quite nervous about this turnout!