Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


Is Lemmy Kilmister really Eddy Merckx? Colin from Montreal thinks so. That’s what inspired him to make these Lemmy Merckx decals. I got two in the mail last week and thought they’d be a perfect starter for Merckx Mondays. I gotta say though, the “E” just isn’t there quite yet.

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I’m all for modernism and absolutely love livingrooms like this, albeit they’re usually little too sterile to make me want to flop down on the couch. One thing that I’m a bit uneasy with are perfectly-street worthy, or track worthy bikes being hung up on walls as decoration. As I mentioned earlier, I can see why people wouldn’t want to ride their time-trial or pursuit machines but an early Merckx Professional pista like that needs to be ridden! Not hung up on a wall. Maybe it’s the jealousy talking though.

Merckx Mondays.jpg

Josh shot me over his in-progress and completed gallery photos of his Merckx getting built up by 718c in Brooklyn. I felt kinda bad because he prompted the email with a disclaimer saying “I know it’s not really your style in that I went with Shimano 105 for a group set, rather than period-correct Campagnolo”. Dude, I love modern groups on vintage frames and more Merckx road frames came with Dura Ace. Early Ergopower wasn’t the group of choice for the pros! Besides, anything is better than hanging a bike on a wall… Check out more photos at the 718 Cyclery site!


I’m still a sucker for Dura Ace 7403 builds. Especially the Motorolas. Terry caught this Merckx locked up in SF the other week and the medium format film framed it perfectly!