Merckx Mondays


Merckx Mondays


Eddy Merckx, like most great athletes, finds his way into pop culture quite frequently. I’m not talking solely about bicycle companies using the Cannibal to promote a product. Or a grassroots cycling wear company using his slightly-altered image to sell their shirts. Imagine my dismay when a reader forwarded me a link to a recent episode of Adult Swim‘s Assy McGee.

In this episode, Assy McGee visits Mike, a bike store owner he previously sent to prison. When Mike doesn’t give Assy the information he’s looking for, bad things happen to Mike’s 1972 Merckx. Check out the episode below.

Shoulda helped him out Mike! Now your 1972 Merckx has a hole in it.


Let’s look at that again. Could it be that all this time, Mike, the Jamaican bike shop owner, had the Merckx Hour Record bike?


Well, I take that back; he had the Hour Record Bike. The attention to detail is impeccible.

They even rendered the Pino stem with the CdM drillium bars with accuracy. Pretty clever. The guys at Adult Swim sure know their cycling history!