Leo Rodgers Signed to Crust/Ronsbikes/Ultradynamico Factory PRO Recreation TEAM


Leo Rodgers Signed to Crust/Ronsbikes/Ultradynamico Factory PRO Recreation TEAM

Our friends at Crust Bikes, Rons Bikes, and Ultradynamico have officially sponsored Leo Rodgers to their Factory PRO Recreation TEAM for 2021. Check out the full press-release below!

From the first moment I met Leo “Florida Man” Rodgers at an airport in Kansas, I knew I was looking at the future of cycling.  Beyond the obvious disabilities turned abilities parable, there lies a deep understanding, appreciation, and expression of the bicycle as a tool for freedom and change— so damn refreshing… a cool breeze if you will.

After riding the now-defunct and defamed DK200 aside Leo as part of Team Brooks Cool Breeze last season, we got to know each other in ways that only a 15 hour day in the saddle and ~100 mg of edibles can facilitate.  Despite participating in the event for the 2nd time and not yet knowing the racist origins of the name and promoter, I had always held a strong dislike for the wasteful money grabbing corporate culture that surrounds an event of this size; but I love an audience… and turns out so does Leo. Safe to say we both had one of the best rides of our lives that day—- I will never forget it.  A friendship was forged.

In the year since Leo and I have been working on a few projects here and there as well as probing for bigger money sponsors.  Witnessing Leo’s impact on cycling culture firsthand, I was bewildered that no big brands scooped him up.  We (Crust and Ronsbikes/Ultradynamico) always wished we could offer him more than just free stuff, but at the time we couldn’t put up the money that big bike presumably could— key word could. Well… they just never did.

As many of you know, Crust and Ronsbikes have worked closely together over the years.  Ronsbikes is just Nam and myself, Crust is Cheech and her husband Matt— while we put up an dazzling display of opulence from time to time, we are in fact very small… and prefer to keep it that way.  This year in the midst of a modern bike boom, we’ve got just enough money to support ourselves, in addition to the riders we believe in—- enter Leo

Crust n’ Ronsbikes/Ultradynamico tires officially announce the bike lifestyle paid sponsorship of Leo Rodgers signed in hand sanitizer.  We have countless great J.F.F. projects to share once we are able to do that kinda stuff again, in addition to supporting and promoting Leo’s foundation initiative and his public speaking events — including signature products. We are so excited to be able to offer Leo this kind of support, and it wouldn’t be at all possible without the amazing alternative cycling culture and customer base we have here.  Thanks for the continued support of the things we love —- the future of cycling is now!

Several dental dammed kisses;

Nam, Cheech, Matt, Ronnie