Landlords: Background on 1976 Pogliaghi Track


Landlords: Background on 1976 Pogliaghi Track

Dan from Landlords laid down some words of wisdom in the post on the 1976 Pogliaghi that I’d like to share:

“This is my bike, its been loved, ridden, and enjoyed. I replaced the chain stay when it broke(from riding it) and i hook it up w/ a fresh clear coat every year to keep it living. Dude who took the photos of this is right, ANYONE can cop a perfect bike if they have the cash. I can’t think of anything more disrespectful than repainting this bike, it’s got the spirit of the messenger gods in the patina and all who recognize this show it it’s proper respect. You can have all the $ in the world but if you don’t have good taste and you don’t have a spiritual connection to your bike you’re fuck’d.”

I couldn’t agree more. Just now, over on the Landlords blog, Dan wrote about the previous owner of the bike. Go check it out. Utmost respect to these guys. Ride what you love, love what you ride. I think someone smart said that once.