Jake Ricker: Amalgamate and Born to Die Zines


Jake Ricker: Amalgamate and Born to Die Zines



Jake Ricker reached out to his photography buddies to pull together a new 70-page zine out called Amalgamate. The photos are great and the proceeds are going to help cover his wife’s medical bills after she was attacked by three dogs on a hike last year.

Some of the friends that submitted photography and art are:

Dustin Klein, Damian Riehl, Kyle Kelley, Jason Yim, Dylan Bigby, Kyler Martz, Matt Lingo, Terry Barentsen, Chas Christiansen, Crihs Thormann and Aron Dubios.

He is also still selling his other 60 page zine called Born To Die of his photography. $12 each or $20 for both. To help out and order PayPal $12 or $20 as a “gift” to jakericker@gmail.com. And make sure to include your address.

Check out more sample photos below.




Born to Die