Is #SxSW Over Yet?

Seriously. I’m burnt out and I didn’t even go to many shows. Today was unofficially the “last” day of SxSW. The hordes of people will start heading back to their home town tomorrow and slowly but surely, the decompression and reconstruction of Austin will take place. Yesterday, I met Erik and Sofia from Sweden. In the next few days, they’re leaving on a 10-month cycle tour of the western United States called The Great Escape. I’m letting them crash with me for a few days before they begin their Raidô.

Last night was a wreck, which lead to a great ride and finally, I was ready for music. So this afternoon, I went by Barcelona to see the only DJ group / crew / bass record label I give a shit about anymore, Trouble and Bass. I’ve known these guys for years, since before this blog was even in existence. Seeing them grow and prosper over the years has been very inspiring. I made it in time for Drop the Lime and Death Face‘s sets. As the crowd became even more intoxicated by the deadly bass, the mood darkened and it was still daylight out!

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