Interview: Tim Johnson on the 2015 Cyclocross Nationals in Austin

Tim Johnson is one of the key figures in US cyclocross racing. He’s sponsored by Redbull, Mavic and races for Cannondale p/b He is charismatic, funny and dedicated to cyclocross. Today Tim held a cross clinic in Austin, TX – while he was in town to discuss the 2015 Cyclocross Nationals in Austin – and to check out Moto GP.

After shooting some photos at the clinic, I stopped Tim for a quick chat about the 2015 Cyclocross Nationals in Austin. Check that out below!

John: What do you think about Nationals being in Austin?

Tim: I’m really excited that it’s in Austin because what we’ve traditionally done is have nationals in a cold weather city, besides like San Francisco, since then it’s been freezing cold every year. I think it’s great for a test of the population because a lot of people here got into cycling through road and maybe tri and now they’re getting into cycling through commuting and bike share. I think cross is a great next step, or it’s the place to be. So having a nationals here like that is going to be a great way to galvanize that activity.

John: I will tell you that all the locals are banking on a cedar bloom to throw everyone a curve ball.

Tim: I know, I heard, but we’re not going to mention that because I know but I’m not going to tell anyone else…

(sorry Tim!)

John: Well cool man! Thanks for the chat…

Tim: …I’ve been reading the blog for a long time.

John: Really?

Tim: Yep

John: Since like from the fixie days?

Tim: I’ve been reading it for like four years… maybe longer

John: Have you seen the new site?

Tim: Yep. I love the name! It’s great!


At this point, I’m beyond stoked…

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