International SingleSpeed Day 2023 Ride!


International SingleSpeed Day 2023 Ride!

November 2nd is International SingleSpeed Day. It’s a celebration of Paul from Paul Component Engineering and his good friend Amanda‘s birthday.

The rules for celebration are simple: everyone, ride your singlespeeds! Gravel, road, or MTB; we’re all in on the one-gear birthday party celebration! John and Parker went out in Santa Fe for a sunset ride in the Dale Ball Trails, and they got some fun photos, so let’s check them out below…

My Retrotec Funduro 29er and Parker’s Esker Japhy Ti 29er

November 2nd is my annual, official foray into singlespeed riding here in Santa Fe. Usually, by this time of year, our upper mountain trails are snowy, and so the foothill trails are the only bastion for trail riding. I’m still unable to ride a singlespeed up to our higher elevations trails, and I have little interest in the hotter, lower-elevation riding in the summer.

Knowing I had to ride for ISSD last night, yesterday morning, I gave the Retrotec a tune-up and hollered at my buddy Parker, who works for Esker Cycles and who happened to be in town, to get out on a singlespeed rip.

My Retrotec is set up 32:22 for our steep climbing here. Later in the winter, as trails continue to close due to ice and snow, I’ll swap this out to 32:20.

Parker’s Esker Japhy Ti is set up 28:20/22; dingle.

Parker is a hoot to ride with. He’s always pinned, and last night, we were stopping on and off for photos and sessioning all the jibby spots on a fun and techy loop in Dale Ball Central.

A singlespeed hardtail with a 120-140mm fork is one of the funnest bikes you’ll ever own. While I love my geared full-suspension bike, for trail rides in the summer there’s something addicting about singlespeed riding once the temperature drops here in town.

Parker’s got such a great style, and even as the sun was setting, we kept riding, fueled by the stoke. Yewwwwww!

Rolling back down to town, we stopped for the last fleeting sunlight as it dropped over Cerro Gordo and took some glamour shots of his Japhy Ti. This bike looks so damn good.

Check out my review of the Esker Japhy Ti (with gearz) here:

Dancing with Titanium: An Esker Japhy Ti 29er Hardtail Review

International SingleSpeed Day has no rules. Except for one: fuck gearz!

Thanks for the hangs, Parker!

Did you ride your singlespeed yesterday? If so, drop your photos in the comments. We’ll pick our favorite on Monday and send you a care pack of Radavist merch!