iMiNUSD Grand Opening Party Trick Jam


iMiNUSD Grand Opening Party Trick Jam

iMiNUSD Grand Opening | Quantum Trick Comp from iMiNUSD on Vimeo.

Here’s a little edit from the iMiNUSD grand opening party.

“He broke a spoke” “Are you serious?”

I love the wall-endos on the Family Life Chiropractic building. Is that a bit of irony or foreshadowing? One thing’s for sure, Slaylor is gettin’ it the whole time! His 180 to slider 720 double taps are ill as is the 3tap rockwalk bench endo line. Looks like a good time!

12 hours – 36 bottles – 2 kegs – 10 trays – 30 pizzas – 6 cases of H20 – 13 winners – 260+ attendance.

iMiNUSD Grand Opening