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Matt Lingo at the 2013 Ride + Style – FGFS

As far as I’m concerned, Ride + Style is the leading showcase for the top street racers and fixed freestyle riders. The days of grassroots comps are for the most part gone, leaving Ride + Style one of the few standing trick comps. It brings people from as far away as Japan to compete but most importantly, to keep the scene strong and connected.

This year, from what I can tell, people were more stoked to just fucking hang out than they were to win any award and to me, that’s the most important thing to take away from any competition. However, since it is a competition, there has to be a winner and this year’s Ride + Style FGFS champ is Matt Reyes.

Many thanks to Matt Lingo for pulling these photos together in such a timely manner. Keep on top of Matt’s work at RecFail and check out more photos from the 2013 Ride + Style track racers in the gallery.

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Matt Lingo at the 2013 Ride + Style – Racers

Red Bull’s Ride + Style creates a unique stage for track bike and fixed gear riders to compete on a course designed to host a freestyle competition, as well as a high-paced one-on-one circuit race. Competitors have to do hot laps around the course, in designated brackets and often times at break neck speeds (luckily no one broke anything this year). When all the brackets wound down, one man was left standing. This year, the winner of the 2013 Ride + Style Track was Jason Clary.

Many thanks to Matt Lingo for pulling these photos together in such a timely manner. Keep on top of Matt’s work at RecFail and check out more photos from the 2013 Ride + Style track racers in the gallery.

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Matt Lingo at the 2013 Ride + Style – Crowd Shots

As you can clearly tell, I wasn’t able to make it to the 2013 Red Bull Ride + Style this year, so I asked photographer Matt Lingo if he’d be interested in covering it for me. We’ll start off with his Guest Gallery of lifestyle and crowd shots, to set the stage as a record number of people took to the Justin Herman Plaza to watch everything go down…

Many thanks to Matt Lingo for pulling these photos together in such a timely manner. Keep on top of Matt’s work at RecFail!

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Emiliano Granado at the 2013 Red Hook Crit

By now, everyone’s already seen the media overload that came from the 2013 Red Hook Crit. In typical Manual for Speed fashion, but atypical media coverage, Emiliano Granado went into the RHC looking to catch riders off guard for some flash photography rider and spectator portraits.

Guest Galleries have become a new favorite section of the site and I’m always stoked to get some exposures from Emiliano. See more in the gallery!

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2013 NAHBS: Geekhouse Bike Photos by Heather McGrath

Over the past few years, the crew at Geekhouse Bikes have slowly grown apart from their brightly-colored, low-pro, bent seat tube, triple triangle track bikes that they became so well known for. This slow and steady move towards class, with a bit of sass has culminated in their 2013 NAHBS offerings in Denver. New this year are the Brentwood Porteur and Hopedale Light Tourer. Both bikes would make ideal vehicles for a weekend camping trip, or around town jaunts. These models will be available in conjunction with Geekhouses’ already established models. Let me just say the brightly-colored Mudville singlespeed disk cross looks so dialed. Even the Adria Klora-designed graphics are top notch. Well done guys!

Check out some more photos, by the lovely Heather McGrath in the gallery!

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Andrew Franciosa at the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships

Unfortunately, my bourbon-drinking ass didn’t make it to the 2013 UCI Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville this year. I know, I know. I should have gone but truth be told, I don’t think I would have survived the trip to my Distillery Mecca. Instead, I asked my good friend and past-contributor, Andrew Franciosa to submit a Guest Gallery showcasing the snowy mayhem. I still wish I could have attended the event but I’ll give my liver a break until NAHBS this month!

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2013 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships

“Cross racing is deceptively painful and surprisingly fun.” This sentence best sums up what cyclocross is and at the 2013 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships, the conditions were both painful and fun. The following Guest Gallery was compiled by photographers Dave Schlabowske, Peter DiAntoni, Darren Hauck and Jeffrey Phelps for a forthcoming project book on the ‘cross nats. See the full description below.

Many thanks to Peter from COG for setting this up!


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Introducing Yonder Journal: Brovet 01 – Old Ridge Road Permanent

I love it when projects like this pop up and everyone involved are damn talented individuals. Introducing Yonder Journal, a project by Daniel Wakefield Pasley and Emiliano Granado. Without saying too much more, here’s the first installment of Yonder Journal: Brovet 01, Old Ridge Road Permanent.

“We like to think of ourselves as Cultural Anthropologists, armed with cameras and notebooks, compelled into the field to explore, document, digest and publish a lasting and meaningful record of our experiences there.

Yonder Journal will be a series of Briefs, Guides, and Studies that endeavor to understand and relate American Frontiers and Western Principles.”

“Today, we begin with our first of many Studies – Brovet. Inspired by the world of Randonneuring (long distance cycling), Brovet is a Guide book to American Permanents (predetermined routes) that aims to inspire, entertain, and inform.”

Click here to download the Official Cue Sheet and Brovet Card. Print the instructions and ride the ride using the turn-by-turn instructions therein. Complete the Brovet Card provided and send it to Yonder Journal to receive your Official Brovet Patch. More details inside. See more in the Gallery above!


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Baum Cycles Corretto Rapha Gazzet Paper for ACBS

The Australian Custom Bicycle Show is this weekend in Australia and this bike is only one of the prime examples of Australian craftsmanship that will be on display. As part of the Rapha Continental Australia, Darren Baum worked closely with Rapha to design one of the wildest Baum Corretto paint jobs I’ve ever seen. Integrating the Rapha Gazzet Paper seamlessly into the wet coat creates a one-of-the-kind aesthetic.

The build? Pretty straight forward with full SRAM Red, ENVE clinchers, Fizik saddle and custom Busyman Bicycles bar tape to top it off. Check out more high-res photos of this beauty in the Gallery and if you’re in Australia, get your ass to the ACBS this weekend.

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Chrome’s Sub Floor Circuit by Brenton Salo

Last weekend, Chrome threw a circuit race in an empty office floor above their PDX store. It looked amazing but unfortunately, I couldn’t make it out to Portland again this month. So when Brenton Salo said he was going to be shooting it, I reached out to him to get some photos. He was stoked on his TL-200 Contax flash for his G2 and fired away all night.

Check out some selects in the Gallery.

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