Celebrate 4.20 with New DangleBongs!

This post is in observance of 4.20, the magical time of year where Jesus got high and then a bunny stole his bong, hiding it in an egg. Or something. DangleBongs, the world’s first dangling water pipe did some funky new designs for 4.20, including a blackest ever black bong, a gold bong medicated bong, titanium braggers triangle bong, and rainbrå bong, in a limited run just in time for 4.20. Head to Dangle Bongs to see more. Don’t worry, this is the only day of the year I’ll be posting bongs. :-)

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Widefoot Designs’ New CargoMounts!

Widefoot Designs, makers of the LiterCage, have a new cargo cage available now in their web shop. The CargoMount is an aluminum made in USA cargo frame that mounts to your two or three bottle bosses and can be used to strap any number of items to it, yet they’re designed to carry Nalgene bottles. These come in four colors and are in stock now at Widefoot for $57 each.

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If You Can Fit It Run with It: Sim Works Super Yummy 27.5 x 2.22″ Tires

Our friends at Sim Works have been hard at work expanding their Yummy line of tires. Included in the mix are these 27.5 x 2.22″ SUPER Yummy gumwall tires by Panaracer. These are fat. So fat you might not be able to clear them, but if you can run a 45mm 700c tire, they should fit. Pictured is my Sklar with an ENVE Gravel fork, which is probably enough clearance for a dry climate bike, but you might run into issues with mud. There is exactly 1/4″ on either side of the tire and fork for reference on the ENVE G series rims. They measure exactly 2.22″ from knob to knob.

Expect a more in-depth look at this bike with the wheels and tires but for now, all I can say is what a massive improvement in traction off road and rolling resistance on pavement with these tires. I think I found my ideal summer tire. In stock now at Sim Works. If you have pressing questions that can’t wait for next week’s review, drop them in the comments… (more…)

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Porcelain Rocket Redesigns the Nigel Handlebar Bag

Porcelain Rocket has redesigned the Nigel Handlebar Bag. This redesign aims to distill the design elements that made the original Nigel unique and practical, into a much simpler, sleeker package. The new Nigel is smaller, which will allow for use on a larger variety of bikes. However, at 4.5L, it is still larger than typical burrito-style bar bags. Its wide opening and one-handed bungee closure make for extremely easy access on the bike.

The whole thing has been made much sturdier, with Voilé Nano Straps main straps, a semi-rigid back plate, and a removable EVA foam “bed liner” in the base. Also included are die-cut foam spacers, so that people can space the bag out for clearance for their hands on the tops, or for cables/hoses.

By paring down the design Porcelain Rocket is now able to sell the Nigel for $150CAD / US$115. They’re in stock now at Porcelain Rocket.

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One Bike Uses Bicycles to Empower the People of Tanzania

One Bike, a community-based, Social Enterprise of bicycle enthusiasts, located in the vicinity of Mount Kilimanjaro has one mission; to support and improve the lives of people in Tanzania by using bicycles to empower them to live healthy lifestyles, build strong communities, and save our environment.

Each weekend, One Bike holds a Re-Cycling Tour which invites members of the community around Moshi to join in as they ride the roads in town and pick up plastic bottles. One Bike wants to do their part in protecting the environment around the villages of Kilimanjaro, especially in the context of maintaining a vibrant tourism industry.

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Grenade Bottles by Swizmade

A lot of people emailed us asking what bottles were on the Chapter2 AO all road. Well, here’s the answer. They’re made by our friend Swizmade, inspired by the design of grenades. Now instruments of war ain’t for everyone but clearly people dig these… head to Swizmade to swoop.

If you like the color but don’t like the design, we’ve got plenty of olive drab bottles for ya…

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Riding Fixed Up Mountains With Pros on Mount Baldy!

Mount Baldy, or Mount San Antonio, reaches 10,069′ and is the highest point in Los Angeles County. That’s almost twice as high as the highest point in the City of Los Angeles. You can ride up to the ski lifts at Baldy via Mount Baldy Road or via Glendora Ridge Road – which is usually closed to cars. In the latest Riding Fixed Up Mountains With Pros we get to ride with Justin Williams.

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Hope’s RX4 Flat Mount Disc Calipers

While these aren’t necessarily a new product in Hope’s expansive line of brake calipers and components but it’s new to me. I didn’t get a chance to shoot the Hope booth at Sea Otter, but I did see these Rx4 brake calipers, compatible with SRAM and Shimano brake levers. Have you used these yet? Are they as amazing as their MTB brakes?

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The Door

Orange’s new Five is just at home in Shropshire as it is in Tuscany. If only there was a way to ride both places in one day…

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Recycling Plastic: Giro and Bontrager’s New Enviro-Friendly Gear

Bontrager’s new Bat Cage rose like a phoenix from fishing nets in Chile and Giro’s Renew line recycles fishing nets and nylon.

Responsible recycling doesn’t just mean washing out your plastic containers before chucking them in the bin. Brands have looked at the world’s abundance of plastic, particularly sea plastic to make everything from apparel to bottle cages. Two brands taking the charge are Bontrager with their Bat Cage and Giro with their new Renew apparel line, using recycled plastic fishing nets to weave in recycled nylon, polyester, and elastane, including Econyl® Lycra® made from reclaimed fishing nets and other ocean debris.

Yes, this is responsible, and yes it is marketing, but I commend these two brands on making a difference. Check out more images below. (more…)

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We’re Having a Spring Sale on Jerseys

To make room for new jerseys this summer, we’re having a spring sale on all of our Voler MTB and ENDO road jerseys. From now until the end of April, take 30% off the entire stock of men’s and women’s jerseys. Head to the Web Shop and use the code “SpringJerseySale” to take advantage of the savings.

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Saguaro You Feeling Today? Howdy 3-Pack Sock Re-Up!


“Howdy!” It’s a pleasant way to greet people, no matter what mood you’re in. These cacti-socks show a saguaro cactus displaying three common hand gestures, pick a pair from the three socks in this pack that suits your character. The designs were illustrated by Kyler Martz and made by Defeet in North Carolina.

Each order comes with THREE socks! One peace, one metal, one middle finger. Mix and match as you see fit.

Head to the Radavist web shop to pick up a set!

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