Greg’s Lone Wulf Blaze Bicycles Bikepacking Rig!

Greg’s Lone Wulf Blaze Bicycles Bikepacking Rig!
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

Greg Turner the store manager at Bike Fiend and Pierre from Blaze Bicycles really wanted to turn heads at the 2017 NAHBS and by collaborating with local Moab artist Salley Hodges on this bike, I’m pretty sure they did! I personally wasn’t at the 2017 NAHBS, but how could this paint not turn heads!?!

It’s a steel 27.5+ rigid Wulf, with one of the coolest hand-painted finishes I have ever seen. When I first stopped into Bike Fiend in the Spring, this particular bike was set up single-speed and you all know I really love a good single-speed. This bike is actually the whole reason I came back to Moab to shoot Bike Fiend and Blaze Bicycles for the Radavist. When I came back the bike was no longer set up single-speed, but after hearing more about the bike, I understood why he had put gears back on it. The bike was built with bikepacking in mind: the front triangle was made with maximum frame bag capacity, there are more braze-ons than anyone knows what to do with, and now has a gear range to get Greg up anything that Utah puts in front of him, even fully loaded.

Rogue Panda made the custom Arches frame bag for the bike, utilizing that massive triangle, really taking the bike to the next level of customization that most bikes rarely see. The Surly Sunrise bar is sending series klunker vibes and who doesn’t love some klunker vibes, especially on a bikepacking bike. The silver Thomson should look completely out of place on the all black bike but actually looks great. And the red accents are just the icing on the cake!

If you all are ever in Moab, stop into Bike Fiend and check this bike out in person, you won’t regret it!


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