Golden Saddle Rides: Sam Potts Modern Classic Road

Golden Saddle Rides: Sam Potts Modern Classic Road
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

There seems to be small resurgence in frame building here in Los Angeles. GSC has been working with a few builders first hand and I’d guess there are even more working with other shops around the city. It’d be interesting to see how many people are actually building bikes in and around Los Angeles at the moment.

This frame and fork was built by Sam Potts at the Yamaguchi Frame Building School in Rifle, CO. Being that this is Sam’s first bike, it is also the rarest bicycle Golden Saddle Cyclery has ever built and it’ll hold that title until he builds 5 more. After that, the Dirt Research Cyclocross Bike will resume that spot in the GSC history book.

We’ll just call Sam’s bike a modern classic. He chose to build a lugged frame and use a traditional 1 inch threaded fork. The wheels were built with silver White Industries hubs, black Archetypes, silver spokes, and black Salsa Skewers to give them a more modern look to match the Ultegra gruppo. The skinwalls bring us back to the past, and the Shimano AX post is just the icing on the cake.

Hey “It could be worse”!


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