Golden Saddle Rides: DIRT Research Cabrillo Cross Bike – R.I.P Tom Teesdale

Golden Saddle Rides: DIRT Research Cross Bike – R.I.P Tom Teesdale
Photos and words by Kyle Kelley

This bike is rare, probably one of the rarest bikes to ever grace Golden Saddle Cyclery. It’s owner is one of our favorite customers to work with(a true lover of vintage mountain bikes), because of him we build some of the coolest bikes on the planet and this one is no exception.

This is 1 of 3 DIRT Research cyclocross bikes, these three bikes were built by the late Tom Teesdale, and when this frame/fork was brought to us it was NOS.

The pictures tell the story of the build, so I don’t need to talk about that really. The bike is a very period correct, fire-road crushing machine. But what really matters, is who it was built by. Mr. Teesdale was the ghost writer for a whole generation of American made mountain bikes. Tom recently passed away while doing the thing he loved, riding bikes.

T.E.T you’ll be missed.


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  • Chris Valente

    Wow that thing is sick!

  • marco primo

    This whole bike is so gorgeous. Also, one of the prettiest segmented forks I’ve ever seen.

  • Dobry

    Beautiful. That fork is really unique (pay attention, Raleigh Tamland). Love the minimal rear brake guide

    • Segmented forks are difficult to mass-produce and some will argue are not as strong as a unicrown. I.e. Liability for a mass-produced bike.

      Personally, I love the way they look and would say they’re just as strong, but I’m not an engineer, or a lawyer for that matter.

      • Dobry

        Yeah, I guess if there’s a perception of weakness, or you-knew-this-to-be-dangerous, the larger companies won’t go for it. That’s really too bad, especially if it’s only based on perception rather than fact. But I’m also not an engineer. However, I am a lawyer, so, everyone out there, please think of me fondly when you have to spend a few extra seconds removing your front wheel from the fork . . .

  • hans

    that thing looks so good filled out with the bruce gordon’s fitted. was hoping this would be posted sometime. looks just as good in person! didn’t realize Tom died on RAGBRAI, what a sad thing

  • Trevor H

    If this is the one I remember, it was on eBay for a while; I debated trying to swoop it, didn’t have the space for another at the time. really wish I would have now. This is an awesome build, and that fork is spectacular. Sad that Tom has passed.

  • Richard Sachs

    Tom was a rarity in this day an age – he was a complete framebuilder atmo.

  • Stuart Hetherington

    What a great and unique bike, beautiful rake in the segmented fork. This has got to be one of the best vintage CX bikes in the US.

  • Gorgeous.

  • marty larson

    Man. That fork though. Its just…perfect. Many times I’d thought of getting a ride from Tom, but for one reason or another, I always passed. Too bad about that. Beautiful bikes.

  • Goog Smells

    What an incredible bike and a beautiful build. I wish I could find a pair of Steely Danz cranks. So nice!

  • odenator

    So beautiful. And I love that it looks like it’s been well taken care of, but not babied. It’s ridden. As it should be.

  • Nathan k

    there are only three? this bike is crazy rad. good for long rides out in the countrynot good for twisty cross

  • One of the best bikes on this site! Reminds me of my Cross Check somehow but that may be because of the tires. Anyhow, this is how a bike is supposed to be built like and I f’ing love it. I’m also quite amazed that the Rock N Roads fit which makes it even better.

  • I love the crankset. Anyone know what they are?

    • Tyler Johnson

      Anyone know the cranks? They are rad!

      • ben

        MRC Steely Danz. This whole bike is so sweet.

  • Chris Haar

    Good friend of mine raced (even up until a few years ago at over 50) on a T.E.T. Always admired the bike and the building. Will certainly be missed.