Godscogs ISO Hubs


Godscogs ISO Hubs

This took me a second to gather what was going on. I talk a lot about innovation on this blog and I personally when I see someone try something new, it really gets me stoked! Now, I’ve never seen a lacing pattern like this. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist, just stating that I’ve never seen it. If you have, by all means, share it with us!

Gods Cogs are ISO 6-bolt cogs with an interesting spin on lacing. The wheel shown here is 32h lacing, 12-8-12. The production runs will be 36h, 12-12-12 lacing. The hub is laced to a Dodici rim.

Ok, all you industrial design / engineering heads, lemme know if you think this will be stronger than a 36h wheel laced 4x!

Really rad idea. Keep it up guys!