Free Product Review: iMapMyRIDE


Free Product Review: iMapMyRIDE


When I can remember to, I use iMapMyRIDE, a free iPhone / iPod app, to track my route and climbs. Let me emphasize that first part. I hardly ever remember to turn on the phone when I go out. Usually, I leave it off and in my saddle bag but when I do, iMapMyRIDE has been key in helping me learn my way around a still unfamiliar city.

Just today I went out on a nice little 15 mile loop through West Lake Hills and Terrace Mountain. It’s short but there’s a lot of climbing and gorgeous views of the city. Not to mention a lot of wildlife, all about 4 miles outside of the downtown Austin. When I first moved here, this ride kicked my ass and now, it’s fun and easy. I can even add on to it depending on the outside temperature, wind and my water bottle levels.

While this is by no means anything worth bragging about, the interesting thing about the data collected is that it shows where I stopped to shoot photos of a handlebar bag (more on that later) and to fix a flat.

It also shows your climbs (if you have GPS on your phone) and breaks them down into categories. After using it off and on, mostly for quick and short rides, I feel like I’m only scratching the surface of its possibilities.

What other free apps are you guys using?