[FRAME] Chapter One


[FRAME] Chapter One

[FRAME] Chapter One from BrianFu on Vimeo.

So I’m finally getting down the last few emails I received while traveling to Tokyo last week and I came across this one from Brian at Flwrder. I know it’s a week old, but because this will be an ongoing video project, I wanted to post it so I could build a foundation to refer to future episodes.

[FRAME] is a very promising series of interviews run by several people on the Flwrder blog. The first episode interviews Michael Young. Future episodes will adhere to the [FRAME] model which includes the following subjects:

We’ll be going into studios, workshops and offices to find many interesting characters passing through and within Hong Kong. Insights from Product designers, CEO’s, retailers, ex-race champions and many more coming up.

Check out more information from [FRAME] Chapter One below.

Flwrider “FRAME” Interview with Michael Young

1. What made you move to Hong Kong?

2. You consider yourself Hong Kong(er) now?

3. So, what inspired you to come up with the design for the Cityspeed bike for Giant?

4. Is there any new collaboration projects with Giant this year you can tell us about?

5. Is there any part of the project where you approached the design differently than you would a conventional design brief? Or was the whole point being that you would use your own approach to coming up with ideas and processes and being able to apply that to bike design?

6. Were there any “new” processes, ideas or physical manufacturing, that you were able to use on the bikes? For example, you might have used a process to make a chair leg before, and you were able to use that in the structure of the bike?

7. There is a big rise on ideas surrounding urban mobility, getting around in the greenest way and getting more people on bikes. How do you think the design aesthetic and “design”, (that you’re familiar with and more common with something like product design) is helping people get onto more bikes?

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Release Date : 1st MARCH 2010

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