Finally Took the Icarus on a Real Ride


Finally Took the Icarus on a Real Ride


One things for sure, if you’re ever bored with your road rides, do it on a track bike. After seeing Chas and Jason tackle one of the easy hill loops here in Austin, it inspired me to go out on the Icarus today. I finally wore my NOS Adidas Eddy Merckx track shoes. Riding with cleated shoes on track pedals with straps isn’t as hard as I remember it being.

I didn’t wanna push it since I haven’t really ascended and descended decent climbs in a while on a track bike so I spun it to Mt. Bonnell and climbed it twice. It’s a good workout for sure: 15 miles and about 900 feet of elevation with climbs hitting up to 27% grades. Needless to say, my legs are nice and loose. I’m stoked to be in much better shape than I was this time last year. Tomorrow I’m going to try to take on some of the gnarlier climbs.

So I guess I wanna thank the SF guys for being an inspiration.

Oh and the bike? Loving it. I really love the fork and the MAX’s stiffness. Not having a shit ton of overlap makes climbing a lot easier too. Hell, I have overlap on my road bike (damn Belgian geometry!) It’s the first track bike I’ve ever owned that just feels right in every way possible.