Ethan’s Surly Steamroller Disk Brake Conversion Update


Ethan’s Surly Steamroller Disk Brake Conversion Update

Today I ran into Ethan from Laek House while out riding around. He was riding his newly-customized Surly Steamroller. If you recall the previous entry, he was aided by the great Seth Rosko who was going to add some disk-brake mounts to his non-drive rear triangle. This included a rather beefy gusset and other minor tweaks. There’s still more work to be done, but overall Ethan’s pretty stoked on the outcome.

There’s some more photos below, so checkem out!

Ethan purchased one of Montano Velo‘s Dixie converters to start off the project. You can see it hidden here.

Here’s a drive-side shot, showing the complexity and alignments they had to achieve in the project.

It’s still a fairly tight squeeze to get the wheel in the dropouts with proper chain tension and not hitting the disk on the chainstay. Also, the read wheel is not dished, whereas the front wheel is. Overall, it’s a pretty awesome project and I gotta say, when I first heard Ethan say he was going to do it, I was skeptical. It came out rad though and I’m glad he didn’t just “buy a bike with disk brake mounts”. Where’s the fun in that?

Laek House: Montano Velo Dixie Conversion