Dustin Klein for Rat King Frames


Dustin Klein for Rat King Frames

Rat King Frame Dklein-2

Rat King Frame Dklein-15

Dustin Klein from Cadence and Klum House recently finished another bicycle embellishment project with fledgling builder Smith Levi of Rat King Frames from Oakland. I’ll leave the rest up to Dustin to explain, since he does such a great job! Read on below.

Rat King Frame Dklein-2

Rat King Frame Dklein

Little back story on the project:
Smith Levi (Rat King frames) is a frame builder out of Oakland. He’s been welding and studying bike design for 4 years now and thought it was time to started making his own frames. We met at NAHBS in Sacramento. Smith asked me about doing a trade; frame for a new icon and logo for Rat King. I thought would be a great opportunity to help him out and make something rad together.

Smith’s company is still just starting out but there is something about him that I felt was right. Maybe it was that he was born of Artist parents and grew up around bikes and making things. He also reminded me of myself 10 years ago starting out with Cadence. I am excited to watch him and his project grow into the future.

Rat King Frame Dklein-3

Rat King Frame Dklein-13

Rat King Frame Dklein-21 copy

Rat King Frame Dklein-6

Rat King Frame Dklein-5

Rat King Frame Dklein-4

Rat King Frame Dklein-8

Bike Highlights:
Steel road bike with sliding dropouts with option to convert to fixed wheel.
Reflective Black Rat King logos.
Copper Headbadge handmade by Smiths father!
Ritchey Superlogic Zeta wheels.
Hand Painted Commotion Brooks Cambium saddle.
Cadence x Ritchey Stem
Chris King Head set and BB
TRP Brakes
Sram / non branded Drivetrain.